Private Label Cosmetics

The Producing Company

Draw attention to your product in a promotion sachet!

Rapide International has the right machinery for producing various products in sachets according the right quality standards.

Sachets are ideal for promotion of a product. The luxury sealed sachets are perfect to pay attention to a certain product you want to promote. As a giveaway with a cosmetic product or as a tester for single-use, a sachet is very popular. Sachets have a professional look and give the customer a first impression of for example a fragrance, skin feel and effect of the product.

The sachets can be printed in any specific requirement, like material and with or without notch. In your corporate identity with your own message, the sachets can be produced in large and small quantities with various products as hand creams, shampoos, masks, body lotions, liquids, make-up etc.

Make the distinction and ask for the extensive possibilities. Quick and easy, our creative designers help you with the design, printing and all legal requirements.

We supply sachets in relatively small numbers.