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About Us

Rapide BV is a production company which was founded over 100 years ago and was originally based in Krommenie, the Netherlands. The founders were the Vink brothers, who sold the company to Mr T. ter Huurne in 1995.

The company expanded rapidly. It now operates from three sites and has 30 employees.

After Rapide’s takeover, the acquisition of Pax Divisie completed the assortment with regard to leather and washing detergents. This was followed by the acquisition of Brugman which specialised in developing and producing creams and lotions for horses.

Under the name Brugman, a new cosmetics line was launched called Kim Cosmetics, which marketed products based on horse milk for people with skin problems and other disorders. This line proved a great success.

The company currently manages a wide assortment of over 800 products and has started specialising in the development and production of cosmetics and non-food liquid products for Private Labels.

It operates under the name Rapide International and can deliver a total concept, from the development of your own house style to creating recipes, labels or printing and shipping the product.

Our company uses a selection of high quality raw materials and is GMP certified.

It is also a member of the NCV (Netherlands Cosmetics Association) and complies with the highest quality standards.

Our strength is our flexibility and specialisation in filling tubes in small and large quantities (bulk) as well as producing sachets. These sachets are usually used to promote your product, such as liquids, creams, gels, oils, etc.