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Good Manufacturing Practices

Current Good Manufacturing Practices or cGMP is a quality assurance system for the pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetics industry and the food industry.

Quality can never be totally established by analysing the composition. It is impossible to reveal all the possible impurities and analyse everything. The quality can therefore only be assured if the entire production process is executed in a carefully defined and controlled way.

This production method, known as Good Manufacturing Practice, is therefore essential for the production of our products. cGMP carefully describes how and under what circumstances a product is made. During the production, all the raw materials, interim products and end products are inspected and the process recorded in detail in the preparation protocol.

If any imperfections are discovered in a certain batch, it is always possible to find out how it was made, who tested it, where and what raw materials were used, etc.

Rapide the Producing Company complies with the strict cGMP requirements in its production processes and stands for a high quality product!

Your Private Label product will also be produced under cGMP!