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Medical Device

We have been ISO 13485 certified since 2015, something we are proud of. Our knowledge and experience mean that we are able to look after the entire process of manufacturing medical devices, as well as offer assistance with documentation and registration. Medical devices are rapidly expanding, as it is becoming more difficult to make claims about cosmetics.

Contract manufacturing

We have up-to-date and specialised equipment for providing you with:

Our various modern tube-filling machines can fill both plastic and aluminium tubes with contents from 3 ml up to 300 ml. We can even fill liquids. It is also possible to fill warm products, up to temperatures of 50°C.  Small batches up to 1,500 items are filled using semi-automatic equipment.

We have various liquid-filling machines for larger and smaller batches.

The three cream-filling machines are able to fill with creams from 8 ml up to 1,000 ml.

We can fill pens with contents up to 10 ml.

Syringes for cosmetic and medical device applications can be filled with 1 ml up to 15 ml. Pharmaceutical applications (such as for injections) are excluded.

The options for products are very wide-ranging, including medical device products for scars, fungal nails, warts, athlete’s foot and nits.

We are your skilled and reliable partner who can deliver the consistently high-quality end product you require, thanks to up-to-date and specialised equipment and perfectly trained staff.