Private Label Cosmetics

The Producing Company

Packaging Advice

We can provide you with unique and original packaging advice. Renowned suppliers
of packaging from our database combined with the experience and creativity of our R & D
department provide you with the perfect packaging advice.

The design of your packaging

You can rely on Rapide the Producing Company to design your packaging from start to finish.
Taking into account your wishes with regard to bottles, pots, labels, print, etc. and with
the advice of our expert DTP design department, we will deliver a unique concept.


Desktop publishing, or DTP, involves preparing documents for printing and publication in brochures,
internet publications, etc. Rapide the Producing Company has its own DTP department where your
Private Label is developed right down to the last detail with great creativity and expertise.


According to your wishes, we can take charge of the labelling or even restyling of your product
totally in-house.