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Private Label Baby Care Products | Rapide International

Private Label Baby Care Products | Rapide International
Rapide Private Label specializes in developing and producing Private Label Cosmetics such as: baby care, body care, bath & shower products and many more cosmetic items.

Would you like to develop your own private label baby care? As an experienced partner, we are happy to help you realize this from A to Z.

Baby Care, for sensitive baby skin

The sensitive and fragile skin of a baby deserves extra care and attention. Baby skin does not yet have a complete structure and optimal acidity. It cannot yet protect itself properly against external influences such as sun, rain and wind. Also and is more vulnerable to infections and fungi.

For the care of a baby’s skin there are many products available on the market that are well suited. In selecting ingredients for our baby care products, we use the mildest ingredients that are particularly suitable for that sensitive baby skin. We produce for any type of baby care product you desire.

Baby shampoo, bottom cream, baby oil, body lotion, baby hair lotion, bath oil, etc. Ranging from preservative-free, allergen-free or completely natural. Your concept can be completely customized to your liking!

From idea to high quality and successful product

A skilled team of passionate developers takes care of putting together a unique baby care product, introducing new private label products or renewing an existing concept.

We work for national and international retailers and drugstores. There are possibilities for smaller runs or a large total assortment.

We are ISO certified and develop and produce baby care products with respect for people, animals and the environment. We are also a member of the NCV (Dutch Cosmetics Association) and meet very high quality standards.

With an eye for detail, passion for the profession and knowledge of the European Cosmetics Directives, we translate all your specific wishes and requirements into your personal private label product in no time.

Rapide International looks forward to helping you develop private label baby care products. We use our techniques, technologies and knowledge to optimize your market success and sales.

Would you like to know what the possibilities are?

Your brand, our quality!

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