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Rapide International is your private label partner for developing your own scented candles, home spray and fragrance sticks. For small and large quantities.

Home Care Products

Looking for a private label partner to develop your own scented candles, home spray or fragrance sticks? Rapide Private Label makes it possible to create your own private label Home Care fragrance products.

Fragrance has become an essential part of consumers’ lives and is also indispensable in home environments. For both small and large quantities, we can help you with your personalised scented candles, cream spray and fragrance sticks.

Fragrance and scent experience

Scents have been used by humans since ancient times. The word “perfume” is derived from the Latin “per fumus” and which literally translated means “by smoke”. A fragrance is connected to memories and emotions and therefore always personal.

There are many unique and elegant fragrances that are generally perceived as very pleasant. To this end, we have created a beneficial scented candle collection in collaboration with a top perfumer from Grasse.

Your brand, our quality!

"Own R&D and laboratory"
"Manufacturing under GMP"
"Experts in Private label Cosmetics"