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Rapide International specializes in all types of Private Label Cosmetics

About us

Rapide BV is an oil and chemicals manufacturing company founded in 1897 and originally located in Krommenie, the Netherlands. The founders were the Vink brothers, who sold the company to Mr T. ter Huurne in 1995.
The company expanded rapidly. It now operates from 9 locations on tolstraat in Haaksbergen and has over 85 employees.

Its origins were in the production of leather and animal maintenance products.

Various acquisitions soon led to the addition of a branch that developed and produced cosmetics products.

The company currently manages a wide range of products with more than 5,000 formulations.

It has its own R&D, Legal and graphic department.

The company operates under the name Rapide International BV and can provide a total concept, from developing your own corporate identity to creating recipes, labels , printing packaging as well as providing marketing advice.

The company uses a selection of over 3,000 high-quality raw materials and is GMP certified ISO 22716, ISO 134585

We are a member of NCV (Dutch Cosmetics Association) and meet the highest quality standards.

We take care of your PIF documentation and Notification in Brussels.

Our strength is our flexibility, short delivery times and specialisation in filling various packaging including bottles, jars, tubes, sachets in small and large These sachets can be used to promote your product. We can also supply your product in small and large quantities (bulk). In short, short lines, all in one hand.

Your brand, our quality!

Wide range of quality personal care products

We have many options to suit consumer and supplier needs. If you keep doing what you’ve been doing you’ll keep getting the same results. Rapide International’s R&D department anticipates developments for the future and ensures that the products are improved again and again.

"Own R&D and laboratory"
"Manufacturing under GMP"
"Experts in Private label Cosmetics"