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Fine fragrances

Fragrance is emotion. In collaboration with the best perfume houses, we develop with you each Private Label Eau de toilette or Private Label Perfume according to your wishes.

Fine Fragrances

Having your own Private Label Perfume developed and launched is now within your reach. Together with our customers, we develop each Private Label Eau de toilette or Private Label Perfume according to your wishes.

Scent is emotion

In collaboration with the best perfume houses, we produce any Private Label Perfume on behalf of our customers, brands or artists. Choose from our extensive range of perfumes and create your own Private Label Perfume. Our expert advice and years of experience will guide you to the right choice. Nothing can evoke a memory or create a certain atmosphere as effectively as a fragrance.

The difference between eau de toilette and perfume

The difference between a eau de toilette and perfume lies in the amount of aromatic ingredients. A eau de toilette is a light formula. The amount of aromatic ingredients is between 5 to 15 per cent. The scent is soft and accessible and will disappear after a few hours.

Eau de parfum contains a higher concentration of aromatic ingredients, around 15%. This makes the fragrance more intense and keeps you smelling the scent for longer.

Due to the intensity of the scent and active fragrance ingredients, there is a difference in cost to a private label eau de toilette and eau de parfum. It will probably not surprise you that a perfume is slightly more expensive than a eau de toilette because of its quality. There is a suitable private label fragrance available for every budget.

Working together

Rapide International is a specialist in the development and production of Private Label Cosmetics and Private Label Perfume. With an eye for detail, passion for the trade and knowledge of the European Cosmetics Directives, we produce every conceivable private label product in-house.

We are ISO certified and offer our customers a tailor-made concept of products with respect for the environment.

For the right choice of Private Label fragrances, contact our team of professionals. Eau de toilette, eau de parfum, but also Home Care products, almost anything is possible!

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